About The Better Food

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Design Food for Irresistibility

The Better Food is a food-decoration design corporation that plans and manufactures the utmost decorations to make a variety of foods look outstanding including cakes, beverages, ice creams, pies, pizzas and so on.

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  • pointInnovation
  • - Venture ISO(9001) / INNOBIZ Certification, Patent on a chocolate-signature board with emboss designed (Under application process)
    - A department that works exclusively on R&D

  • pointDesign
  • - A department that works exclusively on designs
    - A variety of proprietary items (Participating in major global exhibitions, Using domestic/overseas raw materials)

  • pointBrand
  • - ‘The Better Food’ Promising safe treats like home made dishes and decorations

  • pointCustomer
  • - SPC (Paris Baguette, BR Korea), Shinsegae SVN, Lotte Boulangerie, Home Plus, etc.
    - Supplies of chocolate-signature boards, meringues, clays, felts, paper picks and cake belts